Duration: 36 months (2018-2020)

Scientific Responsible: I. Vlahavas

Category: National Projects

The main objective of this project is the development of a novel, integrated platform, named ADHD360, based on a serious game.
The functionality that will be implemented in ADHD360 is
a) the diagnosis of the disorder
b) the treatment of it’s symptoms through the platform and through interventions and
c) the evaluation of their effectiveness.
The interaction of the users with the serious game will produce the necessary data that capture the measurable characteristics of ADHD.
These data will also be used to build Machine Learning models that allow the automatic adaptation of the game mechanics for the improvement of diagnostic accuracy.
Additionally, ADHD360 will also provide services for continuous record keeping with the least amount of subjectivity.
The project is expected to have a significant positive impact on the general population and specifically on of parents, educators, health experts and people with ADHD.