Innovation Coupons for SME

Funding/Industry: Central Macedonia OP

Duration: 6 months

Budget: 10.000,00

Scientific Responsible: Grigorios Tsoumakas

Category: Private Sector Projects

The Action is aimed at empowering small, micro, and medium-sized enterprises, through the purchase of innovative consulting services and transfer of know-how from recognized Innovation Institutes, in order to develop innovative products/services or operational processes and improve the quality of their products/services.

The goal of this project is the transfer of know-how in the field of predictive maintenance for public transportation vehicles at Link Technologies S.A.. This know-how transfer plan will undertake to study the current capabilities of the company, but also the actions it must follow, in order to succeed in solving the problem of predictive maintenance on public transport. The long-term cooperation of the company with organizations that provide transportation services in combination with the present study will enable it to design and implement systems and applications that will provide solutions to the key problem of timely and efficient maintenance of buses and other means of public transport. The creation of an innovative product – service, with the possibility of adoption by many organizations/customers, will be able to dramatically reduce the maintenance costs of a bus fleet (urban, intercity, etc.), reduce the downtime of a vehicle, optimize the inventory of spare parts and enhance the safety of workers and passengers.