Funding/Industry: General Secretariat For Research & Technology

Duration: 24 months (2005 - 2007)

Budget: 10.200 €

Category: Bilateral Projects

This project proposal is about the development of a system for reasoning and querying over semantic web ontologies, expressed as OWL-based documents. The development of this system will be based on an extending an existing system, called R-Device, which is a deductive object-oriented knowledge base system for querying and reasoning about RDF metadata. R-Device transforms RDF triples into objects of the CLIPS production system and uses a deductive rule language for querying and reasoning about them. This project will add value to the existing system by doing the following:

  • Add necessary code (in CLIPS) for transforming appropriately OWL/RDF triples into COOL objects and classes, simulating the class hierarchy of OWL
  • Extend the current rule base of R-Device, enabling it to handle the COOL classes and objects
  • Extend the rule language of the system to enable queries and inferences over the objects
  • Built a user interface for the final system. The interface can be either a locally installed software on the user’s computer or a web-based application for distant use of the system