Funding/Industry: Greek R&D General Secretariat

Duration: 24 months (1/4/01-31/03/02)

Budget: 10.000.000 drachmas

Category: Bilateral Projects

This project proposal is about providing remote intelligent monitoring & management for the various human administrators of a nationally distributed data network. This aim will be achieved by extending an existing distributed expert system (called ExperNet) for the management of a wide-area network, which has been developed in the past by the two partners. This project will add value to the existing system by doing the following:

  • Build a new user-interface for the human administrator(s) of the system that will allow them to monitor and manage the ExperNet system remotely through inexpensive software (web browsers). Currently monitoring is only allowed at the machine that hosts the network management software and the expert system.
  • Add more knowledge to the expert system itself, involving the administration area of fault management. Currently, only a dozen of faulty network test cases are covered.

The above two extensions will have twofold benefits:

  • The web-based user-interface will allow the easy administration and monitoring of the ExperNet system and the targeted network system on a remote host.
  • The extension of the expert system’s knowledge base will make the ExperNet system more useful, since it will allow it to intelligently monitor, identify and resolve more faulty cases that can arise in a network, releasing the administrator from the low-level albeit time-consuming task of fault management.