Funding/Industry: RuleML Inc

Duration: 01/03/2010 - 31/10/2010 (10 months)

Budget: 4250€

Scientific Responsible: Nick Bassiliades

Category: Private Sector Projects

Project's URL: RuleML SymposiumPlanner-2010

AUTH has contributed to the development of RuleML, RuleML engines, and RuleML-based multi-agent systems such as Rule Responder and Emerald, their combination, application, evaluation, and dissemination. All findings and all software resulting from this project have been made available publicly. The project has delivered the results of the following work packages.

  • WP1: Extend the Rule Responder application SymposiumPlanner for RuleML-2010
  • WP2: Connecting DR-DEVICE to Rule Responder
  • WP3: Implement gateways between Rule Responder and Emerald