Semantic analysis of modern Greek fiction

Funding/Industry: Operational Programme "Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong Learning 2014-2020"

Duration: 15 months (1/1/2020-1/4/2021)

Budget: 41.041,00 €

Scientific Responsible: Ekaterini Tiktopoulou (Department of Medieval and Modern Greek Studies, School of Philology), Grigorios Tsoumakas

Category: National Projects

This project aims to study the 19th-century Greek prose through the use of semantics, and other appropriate NLP techniques. The scope is to reveal new knowledge about the Greek reality of the time, by focusing on the following core research areas:

  • The reading behavior and the reading environments that arise from the prose corpora
  • The anthropogeography of 19th-century Greek prose and how it is related to the formation of national/urban identity
  • The formation of the national concept and the evolution of the national identity

This project is a collaboration of the Intelligent Systems Lab, School of Informatics, AUTH, and the Department of Medieval and Modern Greek Studies, School of Philology.