Semantic Web Services for PA

Funding/Industry: Ministry of Interior Affairs, STATE 2008-2010 program

Duration: 6 months

Budget: € 42.295

Scientific Responsible: Nick Bassiliades

Category: National Projects

Project's URL: Public Administration Ontology

The aim of this project was to lay a foundation for knowledge management in the Human Resource Management Department of the Region of Central Macedonia. More specific, the aim of this project was first the acquisition of knowledge held within the Human Resource department’s staff of the most critical public administration procedures of the department in order to produce certain public administration acts. In order to do so, these procedures were analyzed in primitive actions/steps (tasks) and the workflow among them. For each task, the entities involved and the documents exchanged between entities were recorded. Finally, these steps were aggregated in larger chunks of conceptually coherent actions that constitute independent sub-procedures within the whole administration procedure.

The product of the knowledge acquisition phase was formally represented using ontologies. More specifically, the OWL-S ontology for semantic web services was extended to model the public administration procedures of the departmant of Human Resources of the RCM.

Project Framework

National Plan of Action for Public Administration

Knowledge Management at the Department of Human Resources Management of the Region of Central Macedonia: Stage 1. Representation and Formalization of Critical Procedures.

Operational Programme: STATE 2008-2010
Subprogram: eGovernment
Action: 2.2 Creating and managing digital content and value-added for the operation of the Public Administration

Client: Region of Central Macedonia
Contractor: Research group Intelligent Systems and Knowledge Workshop Programming Languages and Software Engineering, Department of Informatics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Declaration Number : 1676/9-2-2010
Contract Number: 22426/03.05.2010


  • Intelligent System Group, Dept. of Informatics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
    • Associate Prof. Nick Bassiliades
    • Prof. I. Vlahavas
    • Kalliopi Kravari
    • Georgios Meditskos
  • Region of Central Macedonia
    • Ioannis Savvas