Smart IHU

The aim of the Smart IHU project is to create a smart building prototype in the International Hellenic University (IHU) via an integrated energy control and monitoring system. The purpose of the proposed system is threefold: firstly to aggregate the energy usage data of the building, secondly to facilitate an interactive platform for remote monitoring and management of the building’s smart appliances and thirdly to further enhance the building with intelligence through interoperability and automation.

The project involves the development of a Service-oriented Middleware for various smart device in the market (sensors & actuators) that universally expose their data and functions. Secondly it involves the design of a suitable Ontology for Service-oriented Smart Spaces and enabling semantic annotations on services. Finally, the exploitation of Semantic Web Services (i.e. matching and composition) by intelligent applications under development will enable features of the vision of Ambient Intelligence at the IHU.


Project Coordinator: Prof. I. Vlahavas
Academic Assistant: Dr. George Koutitas
Researchers: Mr. Thanos Stavropoulos
Assistant Prof. Dimitris Vrakas
Associate Prof. Nick Bassiliades
Past Researchers: Dr. Ageliki Tsioliaridou
Mrs. Kalliopi Kravari