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  • Title:

    Using RuleML for Representing and Prolog for Simulating Fuzzy Cognitive Maps

  • Author(s):

    A. Tsadiras, Nick Bassiliades

  • Keywords: Fuzzy Cognitive Maps, RuleML, Prolog.
  • Abstract:

    Fuzzy Cognitive Map (FCM) technique is broadly used for decision making and predictions by experts and scientists of a wide range of disciplines. The use of the FCMs would be even wider if a standardized representation of FCMs was developed and a system that would simulate them was constructed. Having such a system, decision makers would be able to create and examine their own developed Fuzzy Cognitive Maps, and also distribute them e.g. through Internet. In this chapter, a) we propose a RuleML representation of FCMs and b) we present the design and implementation of a system that assists experts to simulate their own FCMs. This system, which is developed using the Prolog programming language, makes the results of the FCM simulation directly available to other co-operative systems because it returns them in standard RuleML syntax. In the chapter, the design choices of the implemented system are discussed and the capabilities of the RuleML representation of FCM are presented. The use of the system is exhibited by a number of examples concerning an e-business company.

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  • Tags: 2014 Tsadiras Bassiliades