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  • Title:

    AUTH-Atypon at BioASQ 3: Large-Scale Semantic Indexing in Biomedicine

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    Papanikolaou, Y., Tsoumakas, G., Laliotis, M., Markantonatos, N., & Vlahavas, I.

  • Abstract:

    In this paper we present the methods and the approaches employed in terms of our participation to the BioASQ Challenge 2015 and more specifi cally in task 3a, concerning the automatic semantic annotation of scienti c abstracts. Based on the successful approaches of the previous years we considered a variety of ensembles, incorporated journal speci fic semantic information and developed an approach to handle the concept drift within the BioASQ corpus. The official results demonstrate a consistent advantage of our approaches against the BioASQ and the National Library of Medicine (NLM) baselines. Speci cally, the systems proposed by our team ranked among the top tier ones along the competition, obtaining the second place in 10 out of 15 weeks.

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