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  • Title:

    BOnSAI: a Smart Building Ontology for Ambient Intelligence

  • Author(s):

    T. Stavropoulos, Dimitris Vrakas, D. Vlachava, Nick Bassiliades

  • Keywords: Ambient Intelligence, Semantic Web, Ontologies.
  • Abstract:

    This work introduces an ontology for incorporating Ambient Intelligence in Smart Buildings. The ontology extends and benefits from existing ontologies in the field, but also adds classes needed to sufficiently model every aspect of a service-oriented smart building system. Namely, it includes concepts modeling all functionality (i.e. services, operations, inputs, outputs, logic, parameters and environmental conditions), QoS (resources, QoS parameters), hardware (smart devices, sensors and actuators, appliances, servers) users and context (user profiles, moods, location, rooms etc.). The ontology is instantiated and put to use at the Smart Building setting of the International Hellenic University, enabling knowledge representation in machineinterpretable form and hence is expected to enhance service-based intelligent applications.

  • Category: Conference Papers
  • Tags: 2012 Stavropoulos Vrakas Vlachava Bassiliades