A. Vassiliades, N. Bassiliades, Th. Patkos, "Commonsense Reasoning with Argumentation for Cognitive Robotics", Doctoral Consortium @ RuleML+RR 2021, 8-15 Sep 2021, Leuven, Belgium, Proceedings of the 15th International Rule Challenge, 7th Industry Track, and 5th Doctoral Consortium @ RuleML+RR 2021, CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Vol. 2956.

Abstract: Commonsense Reasoning is a cognitive ability which is found only in humans, but the desire is to implement it in Artificial Intelligence when solving tasks. Moreover, the use of arguments can reveal how and why a human individual supports or rejects an opinion. In this thesis, our goal is to study theoretically the problem of commonsense reasoning and develop methods for enhancing the commonsense reasoning capabilities of a cognitive robotic system that acts in a household environment. The commonsense reasoning mechanism is implemented with the use of argumentation, by developing argumentation frameworks that can facilitate commonsense knowledge. Additionally, we use Semantic Web technologies to add commonsense knowledge in the commonsense reasoning mechanism, and we construct a framework that accommodates our methods.

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