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  • Title:

    EMERALD: A Multi-Agent System for Knowledge-based Reasoning Interoperability in the Semantic Web

  • Author(s):

    K. Kravari, E. Kontopoulos, Nick Bassiliades

  • Keywords: semantic web, intelligent agents, multi-agent system, reasoning.
  • Abstract:

    The Semantic Web aims at augmenting the WWW with meaning, assisting people and machines in comprehending Web content and better satisfying their requests. Intelligent agents are considered to be greatly favored by Semantic Web technologies, because of the interoperability the latter will achieve. One of the main problems in agent interoperation is the great variety in reasoning formalisms, as agents do not necessarily share a common rule or logic formalism. This paper reports on the implementation of EMERALD, a knowledge-based framework for interoperating intelligent agents in the Semantic Web. More specifically, a multi-agent system was developed on top of JADE, featuring trusted, third party reasoning services, a reusable agent prototype for knowledge-customizable agent behavior, as well as a reputation mechanism for ensuring trust in the framework. Finally, a use case scenario is presented that illustrates the viability of the proposed framework.

  • Category: Conference Papers
  • Tags: 2010 Kravari Kontopoulos Bassiliades