I. Savvas, N. Bassiliades, E. Pimenidis, A. Sideridis, “Paving the way for a Transformational Public Administration global security, safety and sustainability and e-Democracy”, Global Security, Safety And Sustainability and E-Democracy, Proc. 17th ICGS3 / 4th e-Democracy Joint Conferences 2011, pp. 194-203, Thessaloniki, Greece, Aug, 2011, 2012.

Abstract: Transformational government as a newborn scientific field seeks for implementation through integration of its components. As a contribution to this end this work impresses a Public Administration’s operation ontology modeling and an algorithm for tracing malfunctions and changing the case. PA is considered as a production unit and any administrative act as the output of its processes. This output creates effects and consequences which are to be met stakeholders’ goals in order to balance socioeconomic problems.