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  • Title:

    Large-Scale Semantic Indexing and Question Answering in Biomedicine

  • Author(s):

    E. Papagiannopoulou, Y. Papanikolaou, D. Dimitriadis, S. Lagopoulos, G. Tsoumakas, M. Laliotis, N. Markantonatos, I. Vlahavas

  • Abstract:

    In this paper we present the methods and approaches employed in terms of our participation in the 2016 version of the BioASQ challenge. For the semantic indexing task, we extended our successful ensemble approach of last year with additional models. The official results obtained so-far demonstrate a continuing consistent advantage of our approaches against the National Library of Medicine (NLM) baselines. For the question answering task, we extended our approach on factoid questions, while we also developed approaches for the document, concept and snippet retrieval sub-tasks.

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  • Tags: Tsoumakas Papanikolaou Papagiannopoulou Dimitriadis Vlahavas 2016