N. Kotsiopoulos, D. Vrakas, “Policies Production System for Ambient Intelligence Environments”, 8th Hellenic Conference on Artificial Intelligence (SETN 2014), A. Likas, K. Blekas, D. Kalles (Ed.), Springer International Publishing, LNAI 8445, pp. 251-263, Ioannina, 2014.

Abstract: This paper presents a tool for designing Policies that govern the operation of an Ambient Intelligence (AmI) environment in order to minimize energy consumption and automate every-day tasks in smart settlements. This tool works on top of a semantic web services middleware and interacts with the middleware’s ontology in order to facilitate the designing, monitoring and execution of user defined rules that control the operation of a network of heterogeneous sensors and actuators. Furthermore, it gives the user the capability to organize these rules in tasks, in order to aggregate and discern relative rules. The main objective of this system is to provide a better monitoring and management of the resources, so as to achieve energy efficiency and reduce power consumption. The work presented in this paper is part of the Smart IHU project, which is developed at International Hellenic University.