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    Object-Oriented Similarity Measures for Semantic Web Service Matchmaking

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    G. Meditskos, Nick Bassiliades

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    The semantic annotation of Web services capabilities with ontological information aims at providing the neces-sary infrastructure for facilitating efficient and accurate service discovery. The main idea is to apply reasoning techniques over semantically enhanced Web service re-quests and advertisements in order to determine Web ser-vices that meet certain requirements. In this paper we present our work for introducing similarity measures in-spired from the domain of Object-Oriented paradigm for ontology concept matching. Our work focuses on the utili-zation of such measures over an Object-Oriented schema that is created through mapping rules of OWL constructs and semantics into the Object-Oriented model. The goal of the approach is to combine the Object-Oriented repre-sentation of the information and the reasoning over OWL semantics in order to enhance the retrieval of semanti-cally relevant, to some criteria, Web services.

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