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  • Title:

    EVLib: A Library for the Management of the Electric Vehicles in the Smart Grid

  • Author(s):

    S. Karapostolakis, E. Rigas, N. Bassiliades, S. Ramchurn

  • Keywords: Electric Vehicle, Java Library, Charging, Discharging, Battery Swap, Smart Grid
  • Abstract:

    EVLib is a Java library for the management and simulation of a number of Electric Vehicle (EV) activities, at a charging station level, within a Smart Grid environment. EVLib aims to solve interoperability issues between a number of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-related techniques already applied in this field. Thus, it provides a simple, yet efficient interface for the management of all major EV-related activities such as the charging and discharging of batteries, as well as the battery swapping. Moreover, a large number of parameters, such as the number of chargers, the waiting queues, and the available energy can be easily configured. On top of this, the library supports the simultaneous operation of many EV activities through the efficient use of threads. Finally, the library's efficiency and scalability have been tested in realistic scenarios, while the correctness and safety of the code have been verified using state of the art tools.

  • Category: Conference Papers
  • Tags: Karapostolakis Rigas Bassiliades Ramchurn 2016