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  • Title:

    Semantic Awareness in Automated Web Service Composition through Planning

  • Author(s):

    O. Hatzi, Dimitris Vrakas, Nick Bassiliades, D. Anagnostopoulos, I. Vlahavas

  • Keywords: Automatic Web Service Composition, Semantic Web Services, AI Planning, Semantic Awareness, Semantic Matching Relaxation.
  • Abstract:

    PORSCE II is a framework that performs automatic web service composition by transforming the composition problem into AI planning terms and utilizing external planners to obtain solutions. A distinctive feature of the system is that throughout the entire process, it achieves semantic awareness by exploiting semantic information extracted from the OWL-S descriptions of the available atomic web services and the corresponding ontologies. This information is then used in order to enhance the planning domain and problem. Semantic awareness facilitates approximations when searching for suitable atomic services, as well as modification of the produced composite service. The alternatives for modification include the replacement of a certain atomic service that takes part in the composite service by an equivalent or a semantically relevant service, the replacement of an atomic service through planning, or the replanning from a certain point in the composite service. The system also provides semantic representation of the produced composite service.

  • Category: Conference Papers
  • Tags: 2010 Hatzi Vrakas Bassiliades Anagnostopoulos Vlahavas