D. Nazarian, N. Bassiliades, “Towards Linking DBpedia's Bibliographic References to Bibliographical Repositories”, 6th International Workshop on Methods, Evaluation, Tools and Applications for the Creation and Consumption of Structured Data for the e-Society (Meta4eS-17), Rhodes, Greece, Oct 23 2017

Abstract: The widespread usage of semantic resources such as SPARQL endpoints and RDF data dumps by an ever growing number of users requires steps to be made in order to ensure the correctness of the provided data. DBpedia, a major node of the LOD cloud is a contributor of both types with its content deriving from Wikipedia. This paper presents our effort towards creating alternative links for the DBpedia's bibliographic references motivated by the "DBpedia citations & references challenge". We present the procedure of the link creation by utilizing a Java library that we have developed, called BibLinkCreator, which extracts data from the DBpedia's references RDF data dump provided during the competition, and other RDF data dumps (available for download or collected via APIs) relevant to literature, based on unique identifiers such as ISBN, and links citation URIs after matching identifiers and ensuring the similarity of other properties.

See Also: BibLinkCreator Java library