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    Visualization of Proofs in Defeasible Logic

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    I. Avguleas, K. Gkirtzou, S. Triantafilou, A. Bikakis, G. Antoniou, E. Kontopoulos, Nick Bassiliades

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    The development of the Semantic Web proceeds in steps, building each layer on top of the other. Currently, the focus of research efforts is concentrated on logic and proofs, both of which are essential, since they will allow systems to infer new knowledge by applying principles on the existing data and explain their actions. Research is shifting towards the study of non-monotonic systems that are capable of handling conflicts among rules and reasoning with partial information. As for the proof layer of the Semantic Web, it can play a vital role in increasing the reliability of Semantic Web systems, since it will be possible to provide explanations and/or justifications of the derived answers. This paper reports on the implementation of a system for visualizing proof explanations on the SemanticWeb. The proposed system applies defeasible logic, a member of the non-monotonic logics family, as the underlying inference system. The proof representation schema is based on a graph-based methodology for visualizing defeasible logic rule bases.

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  • Tags: 2008 Avguleas Gkirtzou Triantafilou Bikakis Antoniou Kontopoulos Bassiliades