Stylianou, N., Vlachava, D., Konstantinidis, I., Bassiliades, N. and Persiteras, V., (2021), Dock2KG: Transforming Document Repositories to Knowledge Graphs. International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems.


Keywords: Semantic Web, Linked Data, Open Data, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, eGovernment, Government Portals


Abstract: Document Management Systems (DMS) are used for decades to store large amounts of information in textual form. Their technology paradigm is based on storing vast quantities of textual information enriched with metadata to support searchability. However, this exhibits limitations as it treats textual information as black box and is based exclusively on user-created metadata, a process that suffers from quality and completeness shortcomings. The use of knowledge graphs in DMS can substantially improve searchability, providing the ability to link data and enabling semantic searching. Recent approaches focus on either creating knowledge graphs from document collections or updating existing ones. In this paper, we introduce Document-to-Knowledge-Graph (Doc2KG), an intelligent framework that handles both creation and real-time updating of a knowledge graph, while also exploiting domain-specific ontology standards. We use DIAVGEIA (clarity), an award winning Greek open government portal, as our case-study and discuss new capabilities for the portal by implementing Doc2KG.