D. Vrakas, I. Vlahavas, “Hybrid AcE: Combining Search Directions for Heuristic Planning”, Computational Intelligence, Blackwell, 21(3), pp. 306-331, 2005.

Author(s): Dimitris Vrakas, I. Vlahavas


Appeared In: Computational Intelligence, Blackwell, 21(3), pp. 306-331, 2005.


Abstract: One of the most promising trends in Domain-Independent AI Planning, nowadays, is state-space heuristic planning. The planners of this category construct general but efficient heuristic functions, which are used as a guide to traverse the state space either in a forward or in a backward direction. Although specific problems may favor one or the other direction, there is no clear evidence why any of them should be generally preferred. This paper presents Hybrid-AcE, a domain-independent planning system that combines search in both directions utilizing a complex criterion that monitors the progress of the search, to switch between them. Hybrid AcE embodies two powerful domain-independent heuristic functions extending one of the AcE planning systems. Moreover, the system is equipped with a fact-ordering technique and two methods for problem simplification that limit the search space and guide the algorithm to the most promising states. The bi-directional system has been tested on a variety of problems adopted from the AIPS planning competitions with quite promising results.