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  • Title:

    Special issue on Intelligent Distributed Systems: Preface

  • Author(s):

    C. Badica, Nick Bassiliades

  • Keywords: distributed computing, intelligent systems.
  • Abstract:

    This special issue focuses on how Artificial Intelligence techniques of various AI sub-areas, such as Intelligent Agents and Multi-agent Systems, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Semantic Web and Ontologies, Machine Learning can contribute to intelligent distributed computing in order to build distributed systems that are able to communicate and coordinate their actions to exhibit intelligent and adaptive behavior. The special issue brings to the reader new results, applications and tools of intelligent distributed systems, with a special focus on synergies between agents, services and processes on one side and semantic technologies including ontologies and rules on the other side. In particular, some of the papers address interesting applications of intelligent distributed approaches in the areas of ambient intelligence, human collaboration and e-business.

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  • Tags: 2011 Badica Bassiliades