P. Delias, A. Lagopoulos, G. Tsoumakas, D. Grigori (2018) Using Multi-Target Feature Evaluation to Discover Factors that Affect Business Process Behavior, Computers in Industry, Volume 99, August 2018, Pages 253-261

Author(s): Pavlos Delias, Athanasios Lagopoulos, Grigorios Tsoumakas, Daniela Grigori


Appeared In: Computers in Industry, Elsevier

Keywords: Process Mining, General Correlation Problem, Multi-target Prediction


Abstract: Certain business environments, like health-care or customer service, host complex and highly variable business processes. In such situations, we expect fluctuating process behavior, which is difficult to attribute to specific causes, at least automatically. This work aims to provide process analysts with an additional tool to discover factors that affect the process flow. To this end, we propose a three-stage methodology to deal with the several challenges of this goal.