MEDical figure retrIEVAL, dubbed MEDIEVAL is a Web application where users can search for PubMED Central (PMC) figures by entering a text query to be matched against the caption of each figure. MEDIEVAL allows filtering the results by modality, by letting the users select the modalities they are interested in. Figures are sorted according to the similarity of their caption with the text query. Users can see the image and caption of each retrieved figure and navigate to the PMC article containing it.

Hatebusters is based on a European Union agreement with the four largest social network providers (YouTube, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter) and also the efforts of the latter to control the content in their platforms, so as to abide by Terms of Use. According to the agreement of the aforementioned, any content which is reported has to be reviewed by their moderation teams within 24 hours. Hatebusters is trying to achieve a gamification of the reporting process, by predicting comments' hate score and prompting users with the most hateful ones.